More than just Texas Hold'em: An overview of different poker variants

More than just Texas Hold'em: An overview of different poker variants

Texas Hold'em is one of the most well-known poker variants in the world and is often featured in films and television shows. But there are many more interesting poker variants played by players all over the world. In this blog post, we will introduce some of the most popular poker variants.


  1. Omaha Hold'em

In this poker variant, each player receives four cards instead of just two as in Texas Hold'em. As in Texas Hold'em, five community cards are dealt, but each player must use two of their own cards and three community cards to form their best hand.


  1. Seven Card Stud

This poker variant was very popular in the 1960's and is often referred to as "the original poker variant". Each player receives seven cards, the first three of which are dealt face down and the remaining four are dealt face up. Each player must form the best five cards from their hand.


  1. Razz

This variant is a lowball variant of poker where the goal is to make the worst hand. Each player is dealt seven cards, the first two of which are dealt face down and the remaining five are dealt face up.


  1. Five card draw

This poker variant used to be very popular, but is rarely played these days. Each player is dealt five cards face down and can then swap any number of cards to form a better hand.


  1. Stud Eight or Better

This variant is similar to Seven Card Stud, except that there are two top runners - the player with the highest hand and the player with the lowest hand (with 8 being the highest card). The top finishers share the pot.


  1. badugic

This exotic poker variant originated in Asia and is becoming increasingly popular. Each player is dealt four cards and the aim is to form the lowest possible hand of four different suits.


These poker variations are just a small sample of what's out there. There are also many other poker variants such as HORSE, Pineapple, Chinese Poker and more. If you're a real poker fan, you should definitely try these other poker variants!


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