Poker case configurator: Equip your poker case yourself!

Poker case configurator: Equip your poker case yourself!

The Team of Bullet's Playing Cards has exciting news for you! The long-awaited configurable poker case is finally live and can be used by you. With our Poker case configurator you can now put together your individual poker set with your favorite chips and preferred denominations and take your home round to the next level.

It's very simple: Choose a suitcase size of either 300 or 500 chips and decide for yourself how many chips of your favorite design and material you want to have in your suitcase for each chip value. You have the option of determining the number of chips in increments of 25. In this way you can tailor the case perfectly to the individual preferences of your home round.

Our team is always available to help you choose your perfect poker case and customize it to your liking. We've also already listed a few useful chip selection tips for your needs here: Choosing the right poker chips

Visit our shop today and create your own unique poker case!

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