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Poker mat round, 120 cm diameter
Poker mat round, 120 cm diameter

Poker mat round, 120 cm diameter

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Lint-free poker mat - just roll out and you're done.

Bullets poker mats are particularly suitable for Texas Holdem Poker.
The five placeholders in the middle of the mat are adapted to the dimensions of a poker card. The sublimation printing ensures that the cards slide freely. The classic design offers an area for the players' chips and an area for the community cards and bets.

The classic design is based on the poker tables in international casinos. Bullets Playing Cards poker mats are available in green, black, blue and red.


Poker has never looked so good afelt!

The disadvantages of conventional felt table pads are well known: The material fluff and wrinkles and the mat slips easily on the table, so that no real fun can arise. This does not happen with the Bullets poker mats, because they have a lint-free surface and, after being rolled out, lie flat on the table due to their own weight. The rubberized underside prevents it from slipping.

Bullets table pads are also characterized by their extreme durability. The material is water-repellent and the mat can simply be rolled up and stowed away if necessary.

Bullets poker mats - casino feeling for your table!